Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much time take to repair the appliances?

It depends on the condition of home appliances. However, our technical team aims to solve the problems in their first visit.

2. What are the major services by Ready to Repair?

Ready To Repair has expertise in all types of appliance services like home AC installation, kitchen installation services, Fridge Repair, home HVAC maintenance, Laptop repair, and many more.

3. How to contact customer support ready Repair?

We book the appointment manually and always available for our clients 24/7. You can contact us via mail, SMS, and call.

4. How the warranty system works with Ready to Repair?

The warranty is only given on the specific parts that are used during the repairing of the home appliances.

5. Which brands get repaired by Ready to Repair?

Our experts provide repair services to all the brands. All the experts have their fair share of repairing experience in almost all the brands available in the market.

6. Do we accept online payment for repairing services?

We accept payment through all the modes that include COD (Cash On Delivery), UPI, Online Payment, direct bank transfer, and Check as well.

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