Refer and Earn

  • The Refer and Earn Program is only valid on new installs, sign ups & bookings on Platform.
  • The Refer and Earn benefit will be given to you and your friends when your friends places order with readytorepair and successfully availed the service.
  • To refer your friends, you must be a Registered Customer on readytorepair & the friends you refer must be new to readytorepair. So, login now (or create new account on if you don't already have one!)
  • Your friends must not be the existing user/ customer of Lifeasy Platform
  • If your friends use someone else's referral link or code, the person whose link was used would get benefits, even though you had referred them first. The last link/code used to sign up by your friend would be considered for the referral Bonus amount.
  • Bonus amount earned through referral program will be credited to the readytorepair Wallet.
  • Bonus amount earned using the referral program might cease to exist if not used within 30 days and will not be renewed under any circumstances.
  • Bonus amount earned using the referral program cannot be withdrawn into any of the payment instruments like Bank account, Credit Card, Debit Card etc.
  • Your unique referral links should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. You cannot distribute/publish your unique referral link where there is no reasonable basis for believing that most of the recipients are personal friends (such as coupon websites, forums, Wikipedia etc.)
  • In case the bonus amount is not credited to your Lifeasy Wallet, please write to with your details & the details of the friend you have referred.
  • Your name and image may be used in any publicity material
  • All other website terms and conditions apply
  • You cannot refer yourself. In other words, the Referrer and the Referred Customer cannot be the same person.
  • You must make sure to enter the correct and active email address of your referred friend.
  • Readytorepair assumes no responsibility for any delayed, lost or undelivered email invitation sent to your referred friend(s) on your behalf.
  • Readytorepair reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Refer & Earn program, Terms and conditions, change the amounts conferred under Refer and Earn at any time without prior notice.
  • By entering into the Program, both you and your referral(s) shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Program. You, the referrer, permit Readytorepair to email your friend(s), referencing your name as the referrer.
  • Readytorepair may suspend or terminate the Refer and Earn program or any user's ability to participate in the program at any time for any reason at their discretion. Bonus amount earned as a result of fraudulent activities will be revoked and deemed invalid. Any bookings made through bonus amount earned through fraudulent activities will be cancelled with no further liability on readytorepair. This is without prejudice to the legal remedies available to Lifeasy against the person who earned fraudulent amount or made bookings through it.
  • You can earn up to Rs.5000 maximum as bonus amount under this program and maximum Rs.500 per order.
  • These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of India subject to the jurisdictional courts of New Delhi only.

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